Our site has been live for a little more than a year and there have been so many compelling insights, confirmations, and surprises during that time. This is what’s fun about building something new versus just daydreaming about it.

One of the big—massive!—aha moments for me has been around employee resource groups, the jargon for those women and family groups inside of companies. If we know each other IRL, you have already had at least one conversation with me about ERGs, because it’s basically all I think about right now.

I believe that empowering internal ERGs is the single most powerful way to build our company, to impact women’s lives at scale, and to achieve our vision in warp-speed. I don’t want to say any more about that this second…What I want you to do instead is take this quick 10-question, two-minute survey, whether you are part of an ERG or not.

We are trying to gather as much data about ERGs as we can. So far we have hundreds of results and they are FASCINATING.

I promise I’ll share it all with you once it’s done! I’ve even saved you that two minutes by writing a short newsletter today!

Today’s new questions on Chairman Mom:

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