Despite all of the amazing advice on this thread, Evie still struggles with tangles. It is not nearly as bad, and I haven’t tried all the remedies yet. I just ordered the dry conditioner, several of the detanglers, a tangle teezer, and a silk dream cap for her after re-reading the thread. French braids at night helped dramatically.

But sometimes we forget to braid it, or her dad doesn’t, and I inherit tangles again. The end result is she still screams the second I come at her head with a brush. I think it’s as much the fear of it as anything. But it’s our least favorite time in the morning. She grits her teeth and screams and cries and hits the air or the table with her fists.

Last week when we were traveling in London, she wisely put a spoonful of strawberry Greek yogurt in her hair. The upside was smelling like Lotso Huggin’ Bear for a day. The downside was the tangles were out of control even after washing and conditioning.

We were staying at Paul’s parents’ house and they’d given her a big box of stuff when she got there and as I brushed her hair out that night—expecting the worst—she just sat and stoically played a new harmonica while I did it, little tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Mom, this harmonica has magic powers,” she said to me solemly. “It makes me braver when I play it.”

When we got home, I was trying to brush out nasty tangles again and poor jetlagged Evie was in a state. “Stop, Mom! I know where the bravery harmonica is!” Eli yelled and ran off to get it for his sister.

The mental image of little yogurt hair Evie puffing away at her bravery harmonica with tears streaming down her cheeks is one that is going to stick with me for the rest of my life. We all have sh*t we need to get through and the difference between people is how they find ways to cope or just keep punching the air and screaming.

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