Jana from UX and Design at Chairman Mom here!

When I first started at CM, I took the time to meet with some users and self-described CM evangelists. Soon after, I had a head scratching moment of “Wait, where are the users that want to complain to me about the user experience of the site?”

You see, I had worked at Amazon for almost a decade and watched many usability studies with our customers. Not once did a user come in and say how much they loved shopping on Amazon, but my Chairman Mom user studies were very, very different. Our members wanted to tell me about their CM experience, and it wasn’t “I’m so excited about free shipping,” sort of situation. CM users really loved THIS COMMUNITY.  Some had posted a question themselves, but most had witnessed another member post a question and then watched as the community rallied with a variety of carefully written, supportive, and non-judgmental responses. Many had helped another member out with their own experiences. The users I interviewed were really happy to be a part of this community, and now I was too.

Monday night we hosted our first Preach in Seattle. I passed the mic to the small crowd and heard what were the toughest questions facing our members at that moment, and could anyone in the room help? The attendees were at all stages of life—some with adult sons they were “lovingly trying to kick out,” others had just had their first child and were working remotely at a startup, and some were single moms without support from the ex-husband trying to hold it all together while running an entire division in the corporate world. We all knew the struggle and acknowledged it was real.

I’m still thinking about some of those questions and wishing I had better answers myself. Then I remembered that I don’t have to have all the answers myself; that is what this community is for. There is power, safety and wisdom in this COMMUNITY and They. Will. Rally. It is not just me. I am not alone. My journey is not unique, and together we can all rise and collectively tackle each other’s biggest issues.

I can’t wait for our next Seattle Preach—which, by the way, has already has a date. RSVP now for the July 15th Seattle Preach and tell your friends! (Note: SF Preach is taking July off due to the holiday.)

Today’s new questions on Chairman Mom:

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