I have heard that from dozens of women who attended last year’s Chairman Mom Flee. The event was one where women built life-long relationships, and many made substantial career changes. This video kinda says it all.

For those new to Chairman Mom, the Flee is our big annual event. We take over an entire former gold mining town in Northern California, and for four glorious days, there are only women in this town. (Even the staff!) We have epic speakers, epic food and epic music. But mostly it is a time for women to unplug, leave all the BS and obligations at home, and just be with other women sipping rosé, dangling legs in the Feather River, doing morning yoga, or aggressively looking to boost their careers.

One reason you haven’t heard me promoting the event much is we have already sold two-thirds of the tickets for this year to last year’s attendees. But another reason was that the devastating Paradise fires were started just outside Pulga’s border. We didn’t know if we’d be able to have the event there again.

The great news is Betsy Ann—the town’s owner—has painstakingly rebuilt the damaged infrastructure, and this will be the only event in her town this year. She told me recently knowing we are coming back has given her hope to go on in a lot of dark months. And, as an added bonus, a lot of her staff are town locals too.

Again, this year’s event (Sept 25th-28th) is almost sold out, so if you want one of the remaining 30 tickets, go here now. We sell the tickets at cost, because we know how hard it is for women to have the kind of money or budget to go to something like this. It’s $2,500, which includes EVERYTHING: Your lodging, all meals, all beverage, all the costs of putting the event on, and transportation to and from the Bay Area. Compare this to similar events that are more male-centric that cost upwards of $3,000, without any food or lodging included. It costs money to rent an entire town and put on an event of this caliber.

If you would like to come and absolutely cannot afford that price, I have good news: Silicon Valley Bank is once again returning as an anchor sponsor, and part of their funds will be used to subsidize some pay-what-you-can tickets. Please send an email to mom@chairmanmom.com describing why you should get one!

FWIW: We had more spots for pay-what-you-cans than were used last year. For months later I heard women say they felt they weren’t deserving enough to ask. SO ASK!!!

I made life-long friends at this event last year, and I know you will too. Here are a few threads where people shared their experiences. YOU DESERVE THIS.

Reserve your spot now.

P.S. If you are one of the 50-or-so folks who took advantage of the early bird discount and deposit, go here to pay off the balance and secure your spot!

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