As we mentioned in a question yesterday, The Chairman Mom Preach is coming to Seattle this month in a new partnership with the Riveter! ICYMI: The Preach is our monthly FREE event with wine and food and badasses. Sometimes we just hang out, sometimes we have amazing speakers. Roughly 50 women reliably show up in SF every month (with asks!) and I always leave feeling recharged.

Go here to sign up!

In-person meetups were the number one thing our community told us they wanted from Chairman Mom. We’re hoping that partnering with awesome female-first spaces like The Assembly and The Riveter can allow us to do that in a scalable way that benefits our community by giving them a place to regularly gather—and benefits those spaces too.

Seattle is a great first stop outside SF for us. We have an amazing community of Seattle women who attended the Flee last year and are active on the site, CM team member Jana (our head of UX and design) lives up there, and it’s one of my favorite towns to have an excuse to visit. I’ve connected with so many amazing women at Zillow and Microsoft and Amazon in the last few trips, so I know there’s an amazing group of badasses out there!

A lot of women in different markets have asked us to bring the Preach to their city, so a lot of pressure rides on making Seattle work! If Seattle works, we’ll do LA next, and then we hope to look at other cities where The Riveter has offices. I’d love to do Austin, Minneapolis, and even look at doing something in Atlanta and other areas of the South.

So give us a few hours of your Monday. (Yes! This coming Monday! Sorry for the short notice! Did we mention free wine?) If you are a Chairman Mom member, your admission is free. You can even bring a friend who isn’t a member and we won’t ask any questions. If you aren’t a Chairman Mom member, why don’t you sign up for a free trial and check it out? Work at a big company? Forward this through your women’s group! If enough you come and sign up, maybe we can get your company to provide Chairman Mom as an employee benefit!

(One note: We are skipping the July SF Preach because of the holiday the first week of the month. I think we should do August though, even with summer travel…what do you guys think?)

Meantime, thanks to all the women who raised their hand to say they deserve to attend the Flee after my newsletter yesterday. We still have more pay-what-you-can tickets and we have about 20 regular tickets still available too.

As a recovering journalist, I absolutely loathe doing events. But I love doing them for this community. I typically leave events feeling depleted and drained. I leave Chairman Mom events, first off, not wanting to leave them. And second, feeling filled up. You deserve this!

Today’s new questions on Chairman Mom:

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