I’ve been enjoying going through the responses on what workshops you all want out of the Chairman Mom Flee. (Haven’t bought your ticket yet? I think we have about 15 left. And yes, you can still apply for a pay what you can ticket, courtesy of Silicon Valley Bank! Email me at mom@chairmanmom.com)

I think I have a friend who can teach a class on self-defense, and by popular demand, my hypnotherapist I keep raving about is coming. But there are a lot of requests for someone who can teach survival skills…anyone know someone amazing? 

We are also looking for folks who can lead workshops on raising capital (for both for-profit companies and good causes), combating imposter syndrome, how to get yourself on more boards, how to run board meetings, re-entering the workplace after taking time off with family, or leading writing workshops. 

If you have any expertise on any of these or have a topic you are a genius at, add it to this thread or email me at mom@chairmanmom.com! I would love to get one going on how to make the most out of employee research groups, since that’s where a lot of our focus is now with corporate customers. 

I love that only 100 people go to this event and we can really tailor something that’s perfect for what every single one of you needs in this moment. Just like how the site will have discussions about sex trending along with discussions about potty training and raising venture debt, the Flee is all about serving the whole you.

Today’s new questions on Chairman Mom:

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