Sorry to do two Uber themed intros in one week, but my good friend Susan Fowler’s memoir about her journey to Silicon Valley and her experience calling out Uber is finally available for pre-sale! You need to go order it RIGHT NOW!

Trust me when I say this book will be well worth the purchase price. There is so much in it that NO ONE knows. And Susan has been pretty mum on a lot of the background of her decision to come forward—culminating in the most untouchable bros in tech being brought down and her landing on the cover of Time as a co-person of the year. There is a reason the creative forces behind Hidden Figures optioned it for a movie before it was even written.

But beyond all of those great reasons to go pre-order it RIGHT NOW, I have another appeal to you. Three different male reporters have all written (or are writing) very pro-Uber books. None so far has been a bestseller. Let’s make Susan’s the only book on Uber that everyone—EVERYONE—reads.

Not just for Susan and not just because it’s likely the closest anyone has come to the actual truth. But because it’s one more little thing we can do to hold men who behave badly accountable. People ask me all the time what are little things we can do everyday to kick a dent in the patriarchy. This is one for today. 

(Will she be doing a Chairman Mom event when it publishes? What do you think? Duh!)

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