Newsletter editor Lily here.

As y’all know by now, I’m the baby of the Chairman Mom team at age 25. And this weekend hits a life milestone for me: The first of my close friends is getting married.

For the entirety of my college experience, I ran a successful college access organization that helped underserved students get into and thrive in college. It was a lot of hard work. But the success of that endeavor wouldn’t have been possible without a little bit of luckā€”and that was finding Jillian, our first hire. Jillian, who’d long decided she wanted to be a college counselor, was blogging about college admissions on Tumblr to build a reputation and an audience. I sent her a message asking if she wanted to write for our site since we had more resources and reach, and she said yes. I was 18; she’d just turned 19.

Obviously, not everyone you work with becomes a friend. But Jillian and I immediately hit it off. We spent summers during college in New York grabbing sushi and walking around parks. We’d go a little while without seeing each other and then pick up exactly where we left off and talk for hours. We’ve discussed her wedding in detail, with her venting about the various stresses of the wedding planning process and me laughing at all of her stories (and sending her this awesome Chairman Mom thread about changing names, because whew, that decision is FRAUGHT). And now, I’m about to trek to Long Island to watch her marry a wonderful guy in 24 hours. What a beautiful friendship that started from a short Tumblr DM.

So, a (virtual) toast to internet friendships! And a mazel tov to my friends Jillian and Ben.

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