It’s over the halfway point of the year…how are those New Year’s resolutions coming?

Yesterday, I wrote about my mounting struggles to meet my goal of reading 60 books this year. It prompted me to revisit my entire list of New Year’s resolutions. What have I stayed committed on day after day, and what barely lasted the first three months of the year?

I made 16 New Year’s resolutions, ranging everything from financial health to physical health. 

The best-performing one is the cliche that most people struggle with: Fitness. I had a goal to work out four times a week and walk or run at least 15 miles a week. I do far more than that and have consistently every week this year. Fitness is my lifeline to sanity. It’s my non-negotiable.

What else have I done well on? I’ll definitely finish my reading goal by the end of the year. I had four goals that were tied into getting my financial house in order and I’m about 75% of the way towards accomplishing all of them. That’s better that I thought I’d do. 

I wanted to lose another 15 pounds. That hasn’t happened, but not for lack of trying. I don’t understand why I burn more than 1,000 active calories a day, eat a healthy, protein-rich, mostly plant-based diet, but don’t lose anymore weight. But I’ve lost body fat, and there’s nothing more I can do that I’m not doing. So I’m not holding something I can’t control against myself. 

Take Eli and Evie to a new country? Check! And I’ve got one planned for next year.

Plant things successfully in my garden? Have utterly failed so far at this. I have no idea where I found the time to start gardening last year. Instead, I recently found a landscaper to do it for me for $2,000 with only $100 a month of maintenance. I have no idea why I didn’t do this before. I’ll count that as a win, as the goal was having a nice and enjoyable backyard. I’m busy and I’m not good at gardening. If you find the same end solution to the problem a new way, that’s just iteration, not failure.

Send flowers to an amazing woman every month this year. I’m maybe three months behind, but that’s easy to catch up on.

I haven’t yet hit business goals, but what startup grows as fast as it wants? The year isn’t over yet, and I think we’re on track to hit those. 

All told, I’m doing decently well, given how exhaustive the list was and the fact that I’m pretty busy.

But there are three real disappointments on there. Disappointments because they are easy and totally within my control. They should have been the easy ones.

The first is so stupid, I am slightly embarrassed to even share it. But I will because this community is all about transparency: Actually working in the Chairman Mom office more. I don’t know if it’s my desire for maximum productivity or all those years being an author and a journalist, but I start working around 6:30am when I wake up, and stopping to shower, get dressed, pack up for an office and go there always feels like breaking momentum somehow. Our team is distributed so there’s no real leadership reason for me to go. And I think the last few months of travel derailed my routine. But I know that I focus better throughout the day when I go to the office. I’m going to give that one another concerted try. 

The second is doing Duolingo for Spanish everyday. I was consistently doing this every morning as a break between email and reading the day’s news and real work for months. And then I just got out of the habit. It’s 10 minutes. I do so many harder things everyday. 

Worse: Daily meditation. I still haven’t found a way to make this habit stick! It’s just five minutes, and I know I feel better when I do it. 

We’ll see if I can redeem myself on the easiest of resolutions over the next five months. If not, I guess I’ve got a headstart on making next year’s list. That’s one way to look at failure: If I accomplished all of these, what would I have to beat myself up about in 2020?

How are you doing? That’s one of our questions of the day.

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