Newsletter editor Lily here.

I don’t know if this was always an in-your-twenties thing or just a Millennial thing, but everyone I know is either getting a dog or thinking about getting a dog. It’s especially true for every cohabiting couple I know. On top of the fact that dogs are very cute, I think many of my friends see them as a good trial run for taking care of a living, breathing creature with the person they want to spend the rest of their life with. The rationale seems to be that if y’all can’t figure out how to take care of a dog together (which is more labor-intensive than a goldfish or a cat), taking care of a kid (or multiple kids)—as well as the slew of other run-of-the-mill life occurrences—probably isn’t going to go much better. Not sure if that’s entirely true, but hey, it’s been interesting to watch. I’ve become quite the pup party attendee recently and have nailed the “we got a dog!” gift.

Earlier this week, I trekked out to Astoria to hang out with a friend after she had to change her plans at the last minute. Her dog was sick and had a huge accident on their very nice living room rug, so my friend and her boyfriend were taking turns making sure the dog wasn’t alone. Drinks in Manhattan to celebrate my friend getting a new job turned into a pizza-and-wine night in Queens.

Spending the day on the dog Sophie’s schedule was an nice change of pace. We fed her dinner. We walked her a couple of miles, took her to a very aptly-named cafe called Chateau Le Woof, and bought her a “pupsicle.” We got home and lint-rolled the couch where she’d been trying to dig a hole between the cushions. It was an action-packed few hours.

My mom is most likely reading this newsletter and can definitely attest to this, but I was never much of a pet person growing up. I loved our family dog Cocoa (who died a few years ago just shy of her 15th birthday), but I was definitely never Cocoa’s favorite human; that honor goes to my dad (despite my mom always walking her, feeding her, and taking her to the vet—see a pattern here with what moms go through?). So imagine my surprise when my friend’s dog Sophie snuggled on my lap for over two hours. (I was still very awkward about petting her since this never happens!)

To be honest, I’m not sure how much of a correlation there is between the “getting a pet versus having a kid thing.” I’m sure I want kids in my future, but there’s nothing pulling me to get a dog, or any other form of pet, right now or ever. Maybe that maternal instinct will kick in over the next few years, but who knows? But I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was little worried that I have no actual desire to take care of something or someone in the future. Or maybe I just need to find the right person to raise living creatures (dogs, kids, or otherwise) with. For now though, I’m okay being a very doting dog aunt.

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