After a brief July hiatus the San Francisco Preach is back! Join us August 5 for wine, food, badasses and two very special guests!

First, we’ll hear from Suzy Loftus, who is running for San Francisco District Attorney, the job made nationally famous by Kamala Harris right now. Suzy is a mother of three and would be the first mother to serve in this position in the city. 

What does that mean? For one thing, she has a track record as the president of the San Francisco Police Commission of improving the department’s response to violence against women and children. 

Under her watch, the Police Commission also reformed the city’s policy around the use of force, and started the use of body-worn cameras for greater transparency. She’s been General Counsel for the California Department of Justice, working under Harris when she was the state Attorney General. She also served as the Assistant Director of the Division of Law Enforcement in the Department of Justice. 

Regardless of your political views, Loftus is another example of what so many women in our community are fighting to prove everyday: That being a mother makes you tougher not weaker. 

Loftus will be introduced by a good friend of hers Heather Stephenson, one of Chairman Mom’s power users from the earliest days. One of Heather’s closest friends, Vinny Eng, is the campaign field director for Loftus. Her race is very personal for him, and so important that he stunned everyone by leaving Tartine to work on Loftus’ campaign, just after Food & Wine named him one of the sommeliers of the year. 

Advocating for women and minorities has long been a passion of Eng’s, ignited by the tragic death of his sister who was killed by police officers in 2012. At Tartine, he leveraged his wine budget and influence to champion wineries run by women, people of color, and farmers. Eng will be at our event, too, pouring some of his favorite wines made by underrepresented groups. 

It’ll be an evening focused on local politics and how we can make San Francisco a safer and more compassionate place for everyone. You won’t want to miss it!

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