So many event announcements, thought I’d cram them in one post.

Tonight is the San Francisco Chairman Mom Preach at the Assembly. Suzy Loftus was supposed to be joining us to talk about her campaign for DA, but unfortunately she’s had a last-minute campaign conflict that she can’t work around. But don’t despair! We’ll get another time with Suzy on the calendar and meanwhile, Vinny Eng—former celebrity sommelier who is now working on Loftus’ campaign—has lined up some amazing wines made by badass women for us to taste! And this month, we’ll be gathering in the Assembly’s gorgeous backyard. Come on out with a hug, righteous indignation, an appetite, an ask and a friend!

On August 19, we have our third Seattle Preach, co-hosted by the Riveter. (Notice a pattern? The Seattle Preaches are on the third Monday of every month…mark your calendars!) This month, we are going to try something a little different. Instead of a meet up, we’re doing an intimate dinner for 14 badass Chairman Mom members. I’ve hosted monthly dinners at my home in San Francisco for the last two and a half years. There’s something about the intimacy, vulnerability, and honesty of a single table conversation that is hard to beat when it comes to really getting to know one another and build a genuine community. 

The upside is you’ll get a three-course meal and great wine and won’t have to stand around awkwardly small talking. The “downside” is attendance will be limited to the first 14 people who RSVP HERE!

If the community likes this format better, we’ll stick with it. Some months, Amy Nelson of The Riveter will be your host, but this month I’ll be up there, while Amy does a speaking gig in San Francisco. #FreakyMonday

We are looking at expanding our events with The Riveter into other cities…does anyone know badass women in Minneapolis? Drop me a note at

Of course, we’ve still got tickets on sale for our epic four-day glamping wonderland, the Chairman Mom Flee.

But if that’s not your style, check out a few events being offered by women in our community. The amazing @femily is doing a feminist self-care retreat in Mexico from December 23-27, which I’d absolutely be at if it weren’t for a gazillion intergenerational family commitments. And her sister Mags is doing a Rebel Mom Slumber party September 6-8 (that I also wish I was in town for)! It features a luxe chef dinner, no guilt, yoga under the stars and all kinds of awesomeness. The sisters are also doing an amazing imposter syndrome-busting workshop at the Flee. (We have so many awesome workshops lined up!)

Today’s new questions on Chairman Mom:

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