A note from Sarah: Last week, we hosted an amazing and inspiring Preach in San Francisco where we featured female winemakers. They make up about 7% of the industry, don’t have the access to capital that the few lucky female startup founders have, and deal with brutal fixed costs. In the Bay Area, starting a wine label is on par with buying a boat in terms of things rich white dudes do out of ego, rarely expecting a return. 

In other words, the hustle is REAL. 

We are always, ahem, preaching that women have to support women with every dollar they can. And so I wanted to share this note from Erin Pooley of Little Francis Wines—her “how to” guide for supporting female winemakers. 


I wanted to reach out and thank you for tasting my wines and engaging in such vibrant conversations. It was truly an honor to be welcomed into your group on Monday night. 

Many of you were asking me questions about how, who, and where you can support more women owned businesses in the wine industry. I wanted to share a recap of my answers so your next wine adventure can be more delicious and empowering!

(Note: I have no special interests below! Just rad ladies doing business.)

A few of my favorite Californian winemakers:

  • Jaimee Motley Wines: Ethereal wines that sell out fast. You can’t go wrong getting your hands on any of these bottles.
  • Inconnu Wines: Badass classics made from organic and sustainable vineyards. Based in the East Bay.
  • A Tribute to Grace: Grenache specialist based in Santa Barbara. These wines are a tribute to her grandmother Grace. 
  • Martha Stouman Wine: Unique blends from organic vineyards. Natural wines are often cloudy but they’re always fun! 

Women-owned wine stores in the Bay Area:

  • Bay Grape: Run by powerhouse leader of women in the food & beverage industry Stevie Stacionis (of @batonnage_forum fame!). I love this little community meeting point. They run classes and stock beer, cider, and wines of all price points in a super welcoming space.
  • Minimo: My favorite spot to visit near Jack London Square. It’s not just because one of the owners is also named Erin! They have a great selection of local, international, and all-gendered wines.
  • Gemini Bottle Co: New and specializing in natural wines. Find something to push your boundaries!
  • The Riddler SF: Less of a shop and more of a wine bar…but with a Champagne focus, it’s impossible not to recommend.

Follow @ladies_in_wine on Instagram to discover a new up-and-coming generation of fermenters! Also, we are incredibly blessed to have two fierce ladies now at the San Francisco Chronicle: Esther Mobley and Soleil Ho, both of whom have a refreshingly diverse and inclusive perspective.

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