Newsletter editor Lily here.

I’ve been following Sarah’s adventures hosting monthly dinners for women in San Francisco from afar for almost two years now. (Wild that it’s been that long!) And after moving to a more central location in New York City this past winter (and finding out that my apartment building has a pretty solid roof), I took some inspiration from what Sarah does and decided to start hosting my own series of evening for my friends and their friends.

Enter what my roommate and I jokingly call “Gouda Nights.” (She came up with the name, though I’m the one who’ll find any excuse to eat cheese. They say money doesn’t buy happiness, but it does buy a delicious—and definitely overpriced—truffle gouda.)

During the month of August, my roommate and I are hosting a weekly after-work wine and cheese get-together on our rooftop. We each invited a few friends, and there’s only one rule: Each person has to bring one friend whom me and my roommate haven’t met before. We generally want anywhere from four to 12 people tops, and we’re not really freaking out if people cancel or flake at the last second. (We are, after all, city dwellers in our mid-20s; that’s bound to happen.)

We had our first one last week, and it was so fun to catch up with two friends who recently got married and whom I haven’t gotten to see much since their weddings. Next week my roommate and I have a larger mashup of people from both our worlds, so there should be an interesting cast of characters attending.

Obviously, having a random night taken up every week for a month is a little bit stress-inducing. After all, what if something work-related comes up that day of the week? Or what if I just don’t feel like socializing? But after my roommate and friends last week called the first event “cathartic,” I’m excited to see what we decide to do in the future.

So thank you Sarah for the inspo!

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