Newsletter editor Lily here.

My little brother goes off to college later this month, and I was very curious when my mom told me that he’d received his roommate assignment for the year and his contact information. My brother Miles, who’s a little bit of an enigma to begin with, has no interest in reaching out, and this guy hasn’t reached out to him, either. Of course, considering that this is the internet age, I decided to google the kid since my brother was never going to. But despite everyone being Very Online™ nowadays and me being an A+ internet sleuth, I couldn’t find jack squat on him. He has social media profiles but no photos or posts. His phone number is connected to a Yellow Pages business.

What are the chances that my brother—a kid who has no social media profiles and who had to be forced to set up an email account for high school—ended up with a roommate who’s just as impossible to find on the internet? I’m not sure what their year of living together will bring (other than some serious adjustments on my brother’s part), but it’s safe to say I’m very intrigued. It’s also yet another example of how my brother and I are complete opposites.

Seven years ago during my senior year of high school, I befriended a bunch of fellow prefrosh in a school Facebook group, where I also met my roommate. We Skyped on numerous occasions and even planned out our room together so that we didn’t bring identical communal items. And while me and my roommate didn’t stay good friends past our freshmen year (we just had different friends, interests, and schedules), we got along well for the year and generally kept out of each other’s way. The idea of flying blind in a roommate situation would terrify me.

So, here’s to hoping for all of our sakes (but mostly my brother’s and my mother’s) that the two of them get along or can at least co-exist. I just can’t believe there are multiple Gen Z kids in 2019 who are so impossible to find online.

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