I have had to sheepishly admit to myself that—after totally and completely nailing the summer—I have just in no way nailed the beginning of the school year from a mom POV.

I am the first grade class parent, but missing the first meeting. I missed the first morning of school and have no adorable picture to share on social media. I have been so late at pick up and drop off that I’ve barely even reconnected with the other parents. I’ve yet to do an inventory of what pants and skirts from last year still fit my children or bought them new uniform shirts. Evie went to school with a hole in one knee and I forgot—FORGOT!—to do her hair in any way. (Fortunately it was in a top bun from the night before that still looked cute.) 

This is a day after we rolled in from Palm Springs at 2:30 in the morning and I sent them to school with the remains of chlorine in their hair. And twice—TWICE!—I’ve had no food for lunches and had to deliver them a lunch in the middle of the day. 

My organization usually seems to unravel towards the end of the school year, but usually I’ve got it together at this stage. 

So why is everything such a mess? We bought a new house that is going to be our family vacation home and source of extra income. I went on an impromptu cross-country trip with my siblings just before school started. Chairman Mom has a MAJOR new thing it’s working on that’s taking everyone’s extra time. I’m going on a yoga retreat next week, and so I had an epic Labor Day long weekend with my kids which also served as Eli’s early birthday. 

So to recap: Failing on the back-to-school mom checklist but…

  • Kicking ass as a founder
  • Investing in future family time and traditions with a new home that also pays for itself
  • Modeling the importance of being there for my adult siblings for my kids
  • Investing in me-time despite being totally frazzled
  • Sacrificing clean, new uniforms for throwing my kids all around a pool and soaking up the last minutes of summer

Sometimes it’s just how you look at it.

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