Newsletter editor Lily here while Sarah and the rest of the CM team are at Flee.

In addition to my work with Chairman Mom, I do a lot of other writing, including serving as a contributing editor for Refinery29, where I write a lot of their politics and news op-eds in addition to other reporting. One of the big projects I’m working on over the next year is rethinking how we cover the women in Congress. After all, we’ve got a record number of women on the Hill, yet we only hear about a small percentage of them. What if we were to expand whom we talk to and provide more nuance as to what these women are up to and the issues they face? That’s what I’m working on.

I’m in the midst of interviewing a ton of congresswomen for various pieces within this project, including having a call with a freshman congresswoman this morning as the whistleblower hearing was in session. In talking to her, I’m reminded of why we all fought so hard in 2018 to expand the number of women in Congress and to elect people from all walks of life: Our conversation was straightforward, honest, and no BS. She didn’t give me any spin or runaround. And while I may not always ideologically agree with everything a politician has to say, as a writer, I appreciate any politician who doesn’t attempt to pander to me when I’m trying to do my reporting. I’m finding that many of these other freshmen congresswomen have a similar vibe: No excuses, just ideas and solutions and results. It got me excited yet again to go hard in the upcoming 2020 election and elect more women like them; it recharged me.

I may not be in Pulga this weekend, but I think we’re all getting a little bit of the spiritual awakening we need. For me, there’s nothing more electrifying than talking to lawmakers during a particularly eventful and unprecedented week in our country’s history. Now I’m ready to get back out there and live to fight another day.

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