I don’t know how one person can have the courage of the woman we used to know during the Brock Turner case as Emily Doe, who has outed herself via a new memoir as Chanel Miller. And I say this as someone who once got kidnapped pregnant in Nigeria. I say this as someone who so aggressively stood up to a massive company that it resulted in threats and armed guards. 

But the strength and courage and bravery of Miller is something altogether otherworldly. 

Recently, Paul tweeted that people should forgo the dudes getting paid to write belatedly about the bad actions of companies like Uber, and instead give their book money to people like Susan Fowler who took on these companies when it was actually a courageous thing to do. 

I agree, obviously. Everyone should pre-order Susan’s book. But take it from me: The collateral damage of taking on Uber is nothing compared to that of taking on Stanford. Stanford is the ultimate platinum brand in Silicon Valley. I have had way more fall out in my career and in my personal relationships for criticizing Stanford than I have for Facebook, for Uber, for any other company, combined. 

You may be triggered at the idea of revisiting the Brock Turner case. You may think you already know the story. But go preorder Chanel Miller’s book anyway. At least one copy. Definitely buy it for young women in your life, because—as we discussed at the Flee last year with Michele Dauber—for some reason parents aren’t put off by the sexual assault statistics when deciding where their kids should go to college. 

Surely that level of bravery is worthy of your $28.

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