This recent thread on empty nesting has me thinking about something I think about a lot when I’m in the middle of something super stressful, uncertain, or seemingly unsustainable. I force myself to pull back and remind myself that this is the fun part. 

Credit a 20-year career as a journalist. But universally the times that everyone successful looks back on and wishes they could return to are those hellish, chaotic, uncertain moments. 

We all know a lot of this is revisionist history. The mind plays tricks on you, making you remember a hellish family vacation as the glory days, and the same with building a startup. I vividly remember a point I hit with my second book when I called Paul and screamed at him to never let me write another book because I forgot how awful that point was. 

But even in cases where things don’t always work out, founders talk about the glory days of pre-launch chaos. The feeling of infinite possibilities ahead. The feeling of pure adrenaline. The feeling that nothing was gonna be perfect because there was too much going on for anything to be perfect and that was just fine. 

No matter what it is you are in the middle of that feels unsustainable now, it’ll be done before you know it and it’s possible that part of you will look back and wished you’d paused just a moment and savored it.

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