I have so much to say in this space about the transformation and learnings from the Chairman Mom Flee this past week, but I’m still emotionally unpacking it. Meantime, our October San Francisco PREACH is coming up NEXT MONDAY! 

Go here to get your ticket. If you live locally and were at the Chairman Mom Flee, consider this your chance for a mini-reunion. If you have FOMO from not coming, consider this your free and local shot at getting a dose of badass female power.

We have a really exciting guest this month: Liz O’Donnell the author of Working Daughter: A Guide to Caring for Your Aging Parents While Making a Living. Like a lot of you, I’m in that generation that has young kids and parents who are well into their 80s. I hate the term sandwich generation because that sounds almost like a cutesy or delicious problem to have. 

Liz’s book was a REVELATION to me. It had all the data on why this problem falls so heavily on women, who are already overburdened by inequality in the workplace and frequently at home. It has a gripping and emotional personal narrative. But Liz also gives you a functional, action plan of how to handle these years. I put the book down, made notes, and called up my siblings to fill them in immediately. 

Liz doesn’t flinch when talking about the challenges navigating this at work. You think fighting for parental leave is bad? I know women in our community who have been fired for taking leave to care for their parents. It’s even less protected in the workforce. 

If you are in the middle of this, you will NOT want to miss this talk. (And bring $30 for a copy of the book!) If you are anticipating going through this, trust me: You will want to be prepared before it hits. 

Tickets are free for Chairman Mom members, but if you “donate” $30 or more to cover costs, we’ll give you a signed copy of the book. You can also bring cash/Venmo to get a book on site. 

Can’t wait to dive into this topic. It’s one that’s become very urgent in my life and I know it’s also urgent for a lot of women in our community. Again, get tickets to SF Preach here!

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