One of the absolute highlights from the Chairman Mom Flee was a keynote by Dr. Amie Breeze Harper on how companies can get beyond “cosmetic diversity” and how white people—white women in particular—can be anti-racist. It was absolutely one of the top highlights for almost everyone I spoke with, and several of the attendees have reached out to Breeze about bringing her into their companies to do more (paid!) work on this topic. 

We’re anxious to get the video up for those of you who didn’t attend, but in the meantime, I asked Breeze to share some of the resources she listed in her talk for white women who want to become better educated on race and want tools for educating their kids. 

Here’s what she shared, in addition to the “Teaching Tolerance” series, which Breeze says is great for kids and adults: 

1. Raising White Kids by Jennifer Harvey

2. White Kids: Growing Up with Privilege in a Racially Divided America by Margaret A. Hagerman

3. White Fragility: Why it’s so hard for white people to talk about racism by Robin Diangelo

4. The Possessive Investment in Whiteness by George Lipsitz

5. The History of White People by Nell Painter

There are a lot of white women I know who want to be better educated on issues of race, but say they don’t know where to start. Start with this list. Anything you would add? We’ve started a thread about it on the site.

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