Tonight we are hosting our last San Francisco Chairman Mom Preach of the year, featuring Liz O’Donnell, the author of Working Daughter. (Get your ticket here!) Liz flew out from the East Coast just for this event, so if you are in that sandwich generation or anticipate falling into it in the future, come on out for wine and snacks and a real road map of surviving this time. We’ll be in the Assembly’s gorgeous backyard! 

On Monday October 21, we are hosting our next-to-last Seattle Preach of the year at The Riveter. It’s a sit-down dinner and seating is incredibly limited so RSVP here

And later this month, on October 29, we’ll be hosting our first ever Preach in Los Angeles. Seating will also be limited at that one, so email if you want to make sure you are on the list. More details will follow soon.

After November, we’ll probably put these monthly events on hiatus for a bit to examine how they went. We’re a small team, and they are a lot of work. So if it’s something you look forward to every month, make sure you come out while you can! 

(And for those of you who were at the Flee, we haven’t forgotten about you. Look for a survey and a contact list coming to your inbox soon! Meantime head on over to this thread to share your favorite moments…)

Today’s new questions on Chairman Mom:

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