If you’ve followed this newsletter for a while, you know that one of our favorite things is to get out of San Francisco and meet up with phenomenal badasses all over the country. 

Good news! Catherine Connors will be in Austin for a Box benefits fair next week, and we want to buy any amazing Chairman Mom members or Mama Bear readers a drink on Monday night. This will be a casual meet up. We don’t know if one person or 5,000 people will show up, but even if you are the only one there, trust me: A night deep in conversation with Catherine will leave you inspired. (Her keynote on “How to raise an a$$hole” at the Chairman Mom Flee was a conference highlight…And yes, I’m jealous that I can’t make it this time.)

Want to meet up? Either email Catherine at catherine@chairmanmom.com or comment on this thread and give us some suggestions on great places. Let us know if there are any amazing local women’s groups we should reach out to, or forward this to amazing friends!

Today’s new questions on Chairman Mom:

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