Newsletter editor Lily here.

During the last turn of the decade on the eve of 2010, I was 15. I didn’t really have any specific hopes or dreams or resolutions that I was trying to make happen over the 10 years that followed. Mostly I was stressed out about getting into college and dealing with friend drama and wearing way too much eyeliner that made me resemble a raccoon. (Ugh, at that last one.) Plus, in late 2009, we as a country—and a world—were in the bottom of the recession. There was just sort of a depressing and aimless feel to much of what was happening at the time.

It’s fascinating now watching this current turn of the decade (yes, we’re still dealing with…a very depressing country/world) and being a lot more mindful of what’s going on and what I want to personally manifest in the 10 years ahead. Since late October, I think my number one phrase has become, “Bring/don’t bring that into the 2020s!”

When my friend told me that the guy she say semi-seeing was being standoffish to her for the millionth time, I had a simple reply: “Don’t bring that situationship into the 2020s!” It’s the only thing that seems to have clicked for despite ALL of our friends telling her to dump him for MONTHS. Why drag this dude along into a completely new decade? Apparently that was a breakthrough.

When another friend mentioned wanting to spend more time becoming financially literate and getting her money situation in line, my answer was similar: “Yes, bring that good money energy into the 2020s!” The examples go on and on—including convincing a bulk of the Chairman Mom team to run a marathon with me in Provo, Utah in June. I’ve basically become a hype woman for the 2020s.

Sure, people always talk about resolutions heading into a new year. That’s nothing new. But there’s something really interesting about preparing for a new decade and seeing what’s ahead. In my case, I’ve decided to expand on what I want to do in 2020 and beyond. My friend Mackenzie and I decided we’re going to aim to read 50 books per year (roughly one per week) during the entirety of the 2020s. I’m also doing a series of challenges every month in 2020 (the marathon that I’ve discussed being one of them) to help me enrich different parts of my life that I feel have been dormant for a while. (But more on that in a few weeks.)

So anyway. pumps fist Who’s ready for that 2020 energy?

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