Newsletter editor Lily here.

So, continuing my very self-reflective and introspective newsletter from Monday, I did something: I finally found a marathon to sign up for.

In June.

In Utah.

At 5,000 feet of elevation.

With a starting line in a town that has a population of just 250 people.

Everyone I’ve told has sort of oscillated between going wide-eyed (“You know 5,000 feet is high up, right?!”) and bursting out laughing (not because they don’t think I can do it, but because it’s…a Very Lily Herman Idea™).

I also have Jana from the Chairman Mom team to thank for this. Sarah and I have both talked about running marathons before, and Jana mentioned this one because it’s on a slight decline the entire way down. So I have one thing going for me!

The other thing I have going for me is that I’ve somehow roped in at least four people to do this. My friend Nika, our friendship dating back to the eighth grade, is the kind of person who’s forever down to do anything that’ll be a good story for later and always likes a challenge; it also turns out that she’s been wanting to run a marathon for a while. My roommate Kaitlyn is wading through some mid-20s existentialism with me and has talked about wanting a wacky and out-of-character goal; plus, you apparently ring a gong at the end of this marathon (we’ll…unpack that later) and she 100% wants to do it for the ‘gram. And my friend Megan, the person I was supposed to visit in Wyoming around the same time, was actually looking for a half marathon to run with her boyfriend in the spring and is now doing this one. We also decided we wanted to explore Utah for a few days afterwards, because why not?

The way I see it, this could go a multitude of ways. But as I told Kaitlyn when I sealed the deal for her joining, this is going to be a fun adventure: At the end of the day, everybody can always look back on this experience as “that time Lily dragged our asses to the middle of nowhere in rural Utah to run a marathon.” What could go wrong? (And if you’ve run a marathon before, send me your recs for shoes, gear, training plans, the works! Admittedly I wasn’t the most prepared person when I ran my two half marathons in high school, mostly because you can get away with that sort of thing at 17.) 

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