My kids and I have spent a week talking about Quilty. ICYMI: Quilty is a seemingly everyday tabby cat who was adopted and then returned to a shelter in Houston. During his brief stint in an adopted home, he learned how to open doors. So having had the taste of freedom and the power that usually comes with thumbs, Quilty started to regularly free himself and other cats in the shelter. 

Clearly, this is the kind of thing social media was designed for and the reason people like me are cat people. Sadly, there’s no footage on Quilty’s Instagram page of him actually escaping. There’s one of him trying and a lot of the staff walking him back to confinement. The genius of Quilty seems in part to be his refusal to perform the trick for cameras. Obviously as his fame grew, everyone wanted to adopt Quilty and he’s now in a new home. 

I found this whole story so delightful when I first read about it that I had to run wake Evie up to tell her all about Quilty. (It sort of sounds like a dream Evie would have.) So mostly, I’m writing this because I just wanted to make sure everyone has heard this delightful story about a freedom-loving Tabby who awesome’d his way to a new home, in the wake of so much horrible stuff we hear everyday. 

But there’s also a “What Would Quilty Do?” angle here for working women and working parents. He didn’t just free himself, he freed others. The shelter was there to find him a home by enclosing him in a pen. He found a home by utterly rejecting their rules. What can you do today to open the door for you and others like you? #thequiltychallenge

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