You know my kids are total Disney freaks right? Right. I’ve defended the princess obsession and Disney’s evolution of the princess franchise with Princess and The Frog, Moana, Ralph Breaks the Internet, and Frozen. But here’s a little anecdote that shows how my kids’ love of princesses still has not dimmed my daughter’s sense of ambition.

A few weeks ago in Palm Springs, we got into days of elaborate creative pool drama all about the Haunted Mansion. My kids are actually terrified of the Haunted Mansion. I tried to take them last time we were at Disneyland and we had to exit via a secret door because both absolutely lost their sh*t before we even got in the cars. (Even Evie!) 

Then Eli watched some YouTube videos about the Peppers Ghost Effect and how they redo the Mansion for Halloween and now they are both obsessed with the Haunted Mansion. They talk about little else. (A ride they’ve never actually been on, I’ll remind you.) We’re going to Disneyland for his 9th birthday in September, and Eli has already planned out our first day, which starts with a direct path to New Orleans Square. 

The imaginative play in our pool was as follows: Eli was the Hatbox Ghost, I was the Black Widow and Evie was the Raven. (I’ve been on the Haunted Mansion ride, and I still don’t really understand what they are talking about.) The Raven and the Black Widow get put in storage during the “Nightmare Before Christmas” take over of the ride, and the three of us were trying to figure out how to get all these tourists out of our mansion and make sure this ride takeover didn’t happen. 

So after a lot of elaborate planning, we freed the Evil Queen from Snow White’s Scary Adventures, and convinced her to make poisoned apples to deliver to all the villains in the park that would make them turn from animatronics to actual villains to help us build a villain army to scare the tourists so much they just left the park. (Or something.) 

How do you get poisoned apples to every villain in Disneyland? Bob Iger, of course. Who else has access to all of Disneyland than the Disney CEO? A central plot point was we had to trick Bob Iger.

And this was how Paul walked out to our pool one morning and heard Eli say, “Let’s play Disneyland again today” and Evie yell, “I get to be Bob Iger!” 

When our Disneyland play ends up with my daughter yelling she “gets to be” the white male CEO of one of the largest corporations in America, I’m OK with Disney.

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