Newsletter editor Lily here.

I’m a week and a half into my January challenge to visit 10 museums this month (part of this larger Winging It effort), and it’s going even better than I could’ve anticipated. I’ve visited four museums so far and am looking forward to seeing three or four more this weekend, not because I’m behind on my goal or anything, but because I’m genuinely loving seeing the city, learning about a lot of different stuff, and hanging out with friends.

Probably the biggest joy out of announcing Winging It has been the number of people in my life who’ve asked to participate in whatever I’m up to during any given month. When I first talked about feeling complacent or maybe not grabbing life by the horns as much as I could be back in November, I’d felt really alone, like everyone else was forging ahead while I was at a standstill. Now I’m realizing a lot of folks feel the same way as me and want to tick things off of their own lists, whether they’re physical lists like mine or just mental ones. Everyone has that one museum they’ve always wanted to go to but couldn’t find a good excuse to prioritize it. The friend who’s coming with me to my bartending class this summer said he’s been looking for a hobby or something to do outside of his PhD program but just didn’t have the energy to find something himself. I’ve had 12 different people ask if they can join me during my sporting events month in October.

In a way, I’ve sort of become a lot of my friends’ excuse to get out more. (“Gotta go to the Whitney for Lily’s weird challenge thing!”) And that’s been really fun.

Heading to museums with friends hasn’t just been about walking through them together. My friend Mackenzie and I had a field day rating the outfits of all the noblemen and women in portraits at The Frick; we then had a leisurely brunch afterwards and talked about her fall wedding and the upcoming season of Survivor. The last time I went to a museum with my friend Kate, who’s taking me to the Faurschou Foundation tonight, she probably knew more about the artist we saw than the curator and we closed out the night with really good tacos.

I can already tell that that’s probably one of the most important things I’m getting out of this year: Spending time with people I love to hang out with—and getting to do so outside of a normal context. Research says that you have the highest number of people you consider “friends” when you’re 25. I’d like to strengthen as many of those friendships as possible before the supposed decline that begins in a few months (when I turn 26!).

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