Last year was the year I was definitely going to crack the whole “meditation thing”— my New Year’s resolution that never gets resolved. I didn’t. I probably spent more time on this thread discussing why meditation is so hard for me than actually meditating.

One of the takeaways from that thread was to try to fit meditation into my life versus the other way around. In other words, to have a less rigid view of meditation. What is the path of least resistance to have five minutes of mindfulness, focus, and breathing?

Today it hit me! And I think I’ve finally got it! 

Every time I get home from dropping my kids off at school, I hit this moment of inertia where I want to just sit in the car a little longer. It’s warm. The seat is heated. And it’s the first moment of calm I’ve had since I woke up 90 minutes earlier and dragged kids out of bed, made breakfast, made lunches, wrangled homework together, dug through the house for clean socks, etc. And once I leave the car, I’m going to be hit with everything I need to race through for the day until I pick them up in the evening. That is a moment that is hard for me to leave. 

So why not make that moment productive? Today I just crossed my legs in my warm seat, closed my eyes and took five minutes to meditate. I am going to try this everyday. 

This is usually the key to productivity for me: I try to use time the way it wants to be used, not to bend it to do something it doesn’t want to. We have a question today from someone asking how people manage to read a book a week. I used to wonder the same thing, and struggle to read a book every other month, much less one a week. And then I found how to use time the way it wanted to be used.

I love walking to meetings and I love going on long runs. To make that feel less wasteful and indulgent, I listen to audiobooks. And then I take 30 minutes or so during my day at lunch or in the evenings after getting the kids to bed to read 50 pages a day. It’s typically instead of turning on a TV, but I’m still sitting on the couch, it allows my mind to wander away from my immediate problems, and it’s escapist. Last year, I read more than 60 books just doing these two things that easily fit into my schedule.

We’ll see if 2020 is actually the year I crack meditation.

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