There is so much we’ve been working on for the last year that I can’t wait to start sharing with you!

The first big thing we have to share is the exclusive beta version of a new Chairman Mom app, which we’d love your help in testing before we make it available to the world.  

We’re using Apple’s TestFlight platform for beta testing. If you’re reading this on an iOS device first go here to download TestFlight and then go here to access the Chairman Mom app. 

(If you already have TestFlight you can skip straight to the second link!)

We’re only testing the app on iPhone right now, but don’t worry the full version will be available on Apple and Android. 

If you are a Chairman Mom member, all the functionality will be free for you. If you are not a member, also please check it out because a) you can get a free trial to test it out and b) we’ve added brand new Freemium features that we’re really excited about. 

We spent some time stepping back from all we’ve built over the last few years to think about what makes Chairman Mom distinct. Why our Net Promoter score is so high, why you tell us you love the community we’ve built. 

We think a lot of the key to Chairman Mom is that intersection between work and life, efficiently giving you a practical community to solve the hardest problems you face. Problems that may seem unsolvable. 

We have a few ideas for software tools to efficiently make your work life balance even better that we’ll be building into this app throughout 2020. The first is our Mood Tracker. 

There are more details below, but here’s the big idea: We know that setting goals and tracking your progress works. What if you had a happiness goal? 

We have always been about not being a time suck for our users, and we’ve worked to make this a simple, two-second daily habit. You come to the app, and tell us if you are feeling happy/meh/sad at your family/kids/world/home/school/boss/partner/work/team/friends/self. You have the option to add notes for yourself on why, but you don’t have to. You can update your mood as many times a day as you want, with a quick push of a few buttons. 

While simple, we think this will be tremendously powerful. Think of how many threads there are on Chairman Mom where women are presented with a major inflection point: The out of nowhere call from a recruiter, a decision over whether or not to move to another city, whether or not to stay in a marriage or have more kids. So many of our threads really boil down to women trying to assess how they feel. What if you had an easy visualization to look back and see how you feel over time? 

Are you always pissed off on Tuesdays? If so, what happens on Tuesdays? 

Do you spend 85% of your time happy with your spouse but it just feels like that 15% is being annoyed all the time?

Is work or home bringing you more joy? 

How do you really feel during the holidays?

Just as the early fitness trackers and sleep trackers helped shine a light on how much we move each day, and how to easily up that, or how good the quality of your sleep is, we think this simple mood tracker will shine a light on your emotions. We hope it’ll also show you the value of how you are feeling about each sector of your life at any given time. Don’t talk yourself out of being mad every Tuesday! Try to figure out why that is and address it! 

There’s a reason that food tracking, fitness tracking and sleep tracking have proven so popular and powerful. It’s human nature to distort and misremember our emotions, just like we overestimate how many calories we burn or underestimate how many we eat. This tool will give you the data on them. And while access to the Chairman Mom community will always be paid, this feature is completely free. 

I’ve been using it for a few weeks and have discovered that I’m happier than I think I am. I’ve also discovered that January is a reinvigorated, productive time for me. That’s already an insight I’m going to take into planning for next year. Put my hardest battles in January, because it’s the month I’m ready to face them! 

We have more data-oriented tools coming to the app in the next few months, also inspired by watching how you help one another solve these seemingly intractable problems over the past few years. 

As you probably know, it’s a brutal slog for startups to get people to download apps in recent years. It would mean the world to me if you would take a few minutes to download TestFlight, download the app and try it out. A small group of Chairman Mom users downloaded it last week and they were glued to their phones for the next hour or so. I think you are going to love it, and then really love it as we continue to develop in the next few months!

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