I read an amazing Instagram post by my friend and fellow female founder Esther Crawford. It was about it being OK to change your mind. Not just a little, but sometimes a lot. She phrased something I’ve been feeling so beautifully. Maybe about a marriage or core beliefs or realizing a massive repressed part of your identity. Maybe something you long mocked is something that now appeals to you. 

“It’s okay to be different today than you were yesterday or who you’ve tried to be for years for others,” she writes.

It sounds obvious, but we so frequently don’t give ourselves this permission. We box ourselves in as a certain “kind of person”—maybe one who rolls their eyes at other types of people. 

I have been thinking about this a lot lately, because a lot of my list of New Year’s resolutions are less of a list of “must do’s” and more of a list of things I’ve never been interested in that I want to just immerse myself in this coming year. 

For instance, we bought a 1973 Airstream this year and I want to devour Airstream culture. I want to learn everything about it, discover the best places to know, take a dog and go on hikes, and just live on the road for a bit. 

Yep, I’m gonna become one of those annoying Airstream people…

Speaking of dogs, I’ve always been an avowed cat person. Guess what? This year we are getting a dog! I am planning on taking this guy everywhere—to Palm Springs, camping in the Airstream, on hikes, on long runs and on the walk to school with my kids. Yep, I’m gonna become one of those annoying dog people…

One of my Christmas gifts was a record player and a huge collection of vintage opera records. I’ve been listening to whole operas from start to finish, reading the plots and learning about the history of them. This started with a trip to Italy last year, where we stayed in an Airbnb next to a music school and I was spellbound by the opera pouring out of it all night and all morning, the dedication of the artists and the sheer force of their gifts. Now, I’m one of those annoying opera people… 

You all already know about how I’m rapidly becoming one of those annoying home improvement people… (My exacto knife has a little clip for my belt…)

And my birthday gift from Paul was a new custom bike! I have never been a bike person—at all. I am actually kinda scared of bike riding, especially in a city. But lately, I’ve rented a bike a few times to go bike riding with my kids, and it’s like I’ve totally rediscovered the fun of flying you feel on a bike as a kid. I already love exploring places I travel to by going on long runs…why not explore even farther on a bike? 

So now, Paul and I are planning out a few dream bike trips we could gear up to go on (maybe via the Airstream and with the puppy!).

None of these are things I would have thought of as “me” a few years ago. But that’s what’s fun about getting older. Having the time to discover so many new versions of you you didn’t expect. I never thought I’d be a runner, or be into anything athletic for that matter. I didn’t think I’d ever leave journalism. I didn’t think I’d ever be a mostly vegetarian eater. Or go on yoga retreats. And I certainly never thought I’d love being a mom so much. 

Part of what’s inspired me in this is Paul’s dramatic shift from the kind of “person” he was in his 20s to the kind of “person” he became by the time he turned 40. (Talk about someone you never thought would go on a yoga retreat…) Part of what’s also inspired it is my kids. They drag me along with them when they get passionate about something new and before I know it, I am too. Kids don’t have the baggage of the kind of person they’re supposed to be. We shouldn’t either.

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