I’ve been absolutely dreading the day Evie loses her two front baby teeth. 

I’ve not quite gotten over the loss of Eli’s adorable baby teeth with their tiny little gap. I’ve gotten used to, and yes I love, those gigantic front teeth kids get that aren’t yet right-sized for their face and other baby teeth that have grown in. 

But there is something about those sweet little baby teeth. I have to look at pictures to remember them after seeing them every moment for so many years. Once they are gone, they are gone. And it happens about the time your kids are starting to outgrow other “baby-ish” things. 

Evie’s front two teeth were even cuter than Eli’s, and even more Evie. To me, Eli’s beauty is classic and elegant. He’s tall and lean and athletic, with lush Snow White-like features. Evie’s beauty is that which comes out of energy and chaos, like a big bang or collision of atoms. It’s an explosion of fiery elements that somehow make her a wonder to behold, one that you can’t stop looking at. Her teeth were not “perfect”—by any definition. She has an overbite and the front two teeth were crooked. She ran straight into a table at a McDonald’s playpark one day, further chipping one of them. 

But, oh those teeth!!!! They are the core of Evie’s essence to me. So imperfect that they become something utterly unique and even out-perfecting whatever perfect is. She walks around with her mouth agape like a muppet much of the time and has this amazing open mouth laugh that has the abandon of a young Goldie Hawn, so those little teeth were always proudly on display. 

Now they are gone. One fell out our first day with family in Palm Springs and I couldn’t bear it. She woke up, found it, thought it was food in her bed and thought it was a good idea to eat the food she randomly found in her bed. Fortunately, she realized it was a tooth and didn’t swallow it. She took it to Paul who definitely says he gave it back to her, and she ran in and definitely showed it to me. The problem is this was also the morning of my birthday and everyone was handing me things the moment I woke up. So I definitely don’t know what I did with it after that.

So, we lost this beloved tooth twice. 

A few days later, she lost the second front tooth! Now both of my favorite little teeth were gone. But at least she has the full adorable snaggletooth look, which I plan to soak up everyday until those gargantuan big kid teeth grow in. 

“NO ONE LOSE THIS TOOTH!” we all kept saying that day. But, it was New Year’s Eve, and we’d decided to cook a big dinner at home rather than go out. 

“Paul, Evie just went to bed, where’s the tooth?”


“Yep,” Paul’s brother fessed up. Not only had he used it for prepping ingredients, he’d used it to hold minced garlic! The most baby-tooth-like looking possible ingredient. 

“What’d you do with the garlic?” I shrieked. 

“It’s in the salad,” he said. 

And that’s how we wound up losing both of Evie’s front baby teeth twice and having Evie baby tooth salad for New Year’s Eve.

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