I’ve gotten a few emails from folks hounding me to give out our events calendar for 2020. 

I am so excited that so many people are wanting to engage with us IRL, and generally it’s been exciting to see the flood of new users, new questions, and rapid engagement on the site in the last few weeks. 

We have decided to take a pause with our monthly events and try a few new things. I don’t usually like to make announcements of things we aren’t going to do, because that’s just annoying. But enough folks have asked that I thought I should explain a bit. 

First off, we’re a startup, and we’re as lean as it’s possible to be and still run a growing company. So anything that is kinda working doesn’t stay a priority. And our monthly events kinda worked. Some months we had amazing turnout, some months we didn’t. Some authors and speakers said the questions and connections they made there were invaluable, some had weak turnouts which I felt bad about. We tried a strategy of partnering with other spaces in 2019 to help defray costs and cross-pollinate amazing communities of women. Sometimes these synergies paid off and sometimes they didn’t. 

We know that women getting together in person is incredibly powerful. So we’re not pulling the plug on regular local events. But we have some ideas about how to make them bigger, more sustainable, and broader. Much more coming on this by the end of January!

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