On nights my kids feel a little unsure, a little uneasy, a little bit apprehensive about a nightmare, they ask for “dream spray.”

Dream spray is Kiehl’s Cactus Flower & Tibetan Ginseng Mist. As with most things in parenting, it was one of those necessity-as-the-mother-of-invention moments, like Dumbo’s magic feather. I don’t remember when one of my kids was in a total panic or why I had Cactus Flower & Tibetan Ginseng Mist on me at that moment. But here we are. 

The two list the happy things in their lives they want to dream about, always ending with “and all things happy.” Then they ritualistically close their eyes, and stick their heads forth like the world’s most earnest turtles. I spritz their faces, and they wince almost imperceptibly. And with that good dreams are “locked in.” 

As Kiehl’s branding likes to remind you, it’s been around since 1851. This is a guarantee against the boogey man you can trust. 

On night number four of our house’s virus lockdown, Evie listed her teacher, no more coronavirus, and one day getting to go back to school and see her friends as the things she wanted to dream about. Just after Disneyland and stuffies, but before “mama hugs.”

They have daily check-ins via Zoom with their class and their entire being lights up with joy. These kids don’t want an endless snow day. They want their community. So many of us do. 

Last night, I hosted our first Zoom-powered Chairman Mom virtual dinner. ICYMI: In February we announced a new event strategy, where we’d empower and subsidize women all over the world to host dinners for other amazing women in their communities. The response was overwhelming and then paused by the virus. We encouraged hosts to pause things as long as they needed to, and many surprised us by asking if they could do these dinners virtually in the meantime. 

Last night we tested it out and it was so phenomenal. Nine people joined which was sort of the perfect number. Within an hour we pretty efficiently heard from everyone and went around answering our central question (What’s been your rose/thorn/bud in this current crisis?) and then had another 30 minutes of chat. It was so wonderful seeing faces and feeling some connection. 

Several of the women in attendance said they were happy to host, as have others on this thread, and I’m happy to host again too. If you’d like to host a dinner or lunch or wine and cheese virtually for other Chairman Mom women, go here to sign up and we’ll do the rest. It would be great to have three of these a week in an array of time zones so that everyone has an option to connect.

Today’s new questions on Chairman Mom:

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