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Onto our intro by Chairman Mom member Janelle Metzger…

COVID is impacting people differently: Some are taking time to relax and regroup, while for others there is no relaxing in sight. Like many of you, I am in the “no relaxing in sight” bucket (which I’ve been calling #COVIDCHAOS).

With the need to slow the curve, schools across the globe have been closed, corporations have sent their workforce home, and social distancing is being practiced. This has cut off support for working parents everywhere, and yet corporations are consistently looking to operate in the “business as usual” mode.

A high-impact societal and corporate challenge is beginning to emerge as the crisis is evolving: Working professional mothers are encountering disproportionate consequences. In fact, The New York Timesrecently published an article where a study by the Kaiser Family Foundation showed that parents of children under age 18 are disproportionately more worried about someone in their family getting sick and disproportionately more likely to say their lives have been disrupted by the outbreak. Among parents facing school or daycare closures, two-thirds say their life has been disrupted.

The bottom line is that working mothers now have the added responsibilities to not only work full-time but also be the primary caretaker of home and family, which can include homeschooling children full-time and eldercare. These are tasks that cannot be overstated in their importance on so many levels during this time of uncertainty.

If the current degree of personal lifestyle restrictions and business activity limitations remain in place for a prolonged period, the impact will be pervasive and catastrophic in many ways, particularly for working professional mothers, who may end up as collateral damage in the crisis. In my opinion, they are at risk of increased higher levels of burnout, illness, layoffs, and unemployment, as part of the fall-out of the pandemic.

The loss or impairment of such highly valuable employees will surely have dire consequences and a ripple effect on economies and families globally. While we are still early in this crisis, I am hopeful that with some forward thinking and proactive intervention, we can mitigate the impact. As the CEO of an activist investment company that is focused on C-suite and board-level gender equity, the time is now to tell the story of working mothers by bringing the sense of urgency required to take action before it is too late. This critical achievement takes data in order to clearly show what is happening and provide the necessary recommendations that will work for working professional mothers and families. To that end, I have created a 10-question Impact of COVID-19 on Corporate Mothers survey and want to get 100 responses by Tuesday, March 23rd at midnight PST.

We want your voice to be heard! Please take the survey if you meet the criteria and share with your colleagues and friends.

Your attention and consideration during this #COVIDCHAOS is much appreciated.

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