“Wait! Don’t come in here yet!” Eli shrieked running back and forth between my room and his room. When he was finally ready, he proudly led me back to his bedroom, where he’d filled the floor with a gorgeous, Morraccan-looking pallet made up of my favorite blankets and coziest pillows from all over the house. We were going to have a 1:1 Eli and Mommy slumber party, and he was going full VSCO girl on me. 

“I’ve even brought your favorite cowboy boots, so you can just wake them up and put them on in the morning,” he said with a “don’t I ALWAYS think of everything?” look on his face. It didn’t matter that I’ve never once woken up and immediately put on cowboy boots outside of camping. He had thought of everything

We cuddled up and watched Return of the Sith, because Eli has decided he finally needs to watch all the Star Wars films in the order they were made. This is something he had no interest in before. But then the Disney parks began devoting so much real estate to them. Now, Eli finally believes, there must be some good stuff there…Billions of fans weren’t convincing, but Bob Iger? Eli has faith in Bob Iger. He’s Eli’s personal Master Yoda. 

As he snuggled up to me, he said, “Do you ever have any nightmares, Mom?” 

“Yes,” I said. I mean, I feel like our world is a waking nightmare at times right now. 

“What are they like?” he asked.

“Well, I usually have them when you and Evie aren’t with me,” I said. “It doesn’t happen that much anymore, but it took a long time for me to get used to not being in the same house with you. My body was just biologically wired to want to protect you, and it was scary when I couldn’t.” 

“Well no nightmares tonight because I’m going to cuddle with you ALL NIGHT,” he said intertwining his limbs with mine. 

It was past midnight, and I was sleeping on a hard floor, but I’ve never felt more comfortable. I’ve never felt like there was a place where I fit exactly perfectly as I did in that moment.

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