Newsletter editor Lily here, writing to you from eerily quiet upstate New York.

I’ve been self-isolating with my mom and my brother in an apartment for the past week. Some would say that must be a tight squeeze, but my mom’s place is downright palatial compared to my apartment in the city.

I’ve seen my mom almost every month over the past five months for one reason or another. As has been established over the past two and a half years of writing these newsletters, I love my mom. She’s my favorite person. I would kill most people if I had to spend five minutes with them, but my mom and I haven’t ever had trouble just hanging out.

I’ve been thinking a lot about all of the parents out there who are trying to make being quarantined with their kids into more than just a homeschooling experience but a real bonding opportunity. And I feel the same way. On this trip in particular, I’m extremely aware that my mom just turned 60. (Sorry to age you in here, mom.) She’s getting older, and so am I. And if this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that you never know how much time you have with the people you love. So while the circumstances are terrifying, we have the ability to make the most of them.

Sure, my mom’s probably annoyed that I’m talking about my Survivor fantasy league a lot. I make fun of her for watching too much MSNBC. But overall, I feel a load of gratitude that she’s my mom and we have a few uninterrupted weeks to spend together right now while we’re both healthy and here. That’s what I’m trying to remember at times when the apartment feels a little cramped: It’s the little moments, like my mom making me tea and us watching old Simone Biles gymnastics routines, that stay with you for a lifetime. I’m not taking that for granted.

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