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As you all know, following an existential crisis while cheering people on at the New York City marathon, I decided I was going to pick back up my decade-long dream of running a marathon myself.

Next Saturday, my training calls for me to run essentially the distance of a half marathon, so I thought, why not enter an actual race? Now, me and two of the three friends who are heading to Utah with me in June (the other is based in Wyoming) are going to run the Brooklyn Spring Half Marathon, which is essentially a chill race that requires four loops around Prospect Park. A couple of friends are coming to cheer us on (and make funny signs), and then we’re all going to brunch after.

Honestly, even getting to this point—where running a half marathon for the first time in eight years feels like a tangible endeavor—has been quite an accomplishment.

When I started my pre-training in mid-November, I literally couldn’t run 10 minutes without getting winded. I spent three months slowly working my way up to running a 10k distance in time for my marathon training plan to start. This weekend, that plan calls for a 10-mile run, and I feel totally okay about it.

What’s been most perplexing to me about this journey thus far is the fact that while I’ve tried to get back into shape so many times over the years (and have for a couple of months at a time before slipping back into inactivity), I’ve had no problem sticking to my plans and staying committed to running. I enjoy running. I like texting my friends’ marathon group thread. I’ve started naturally eating better because I want to fuel my runs properly.

Is it really that simple—that all it took for me to get back into shape was a fitness goal? It’s so funny how we can lose sight of the things that our core to our being: I’m a goal-oriented person. I’ve always known this. I do best when I have rungs on a ladder to climb. And yet, how did I not see that and do something about it sooner when it came to fitness?

Probably one of the biggest takeaways two months into this year of monthly challenges I’m doing is the fact that a lot of it is about getting in touch with who I already am but maybe forgot. It’s as much about re-remembering old things about myself as much as it is learning new things. That’s already a win.

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