Our goal with our virtual Chairman Mom dinners was not to make it something that worked for everyone, shoved some content in your face, gave you another daily obligation, or aggressively drove towards some immediate business goal for us. It was pretty simple: We wanted to create something valuable enough and easy enough that it wouldn’t burn everyone out in a month’s time. 

We’ve looked and listened closely to how people are using them as well as what works and what doesn’t, and we’ve been handcrafting and iterating on these dinners every week. What times work? What topics do you want? And one of the most exciting trends to me: The vast majority of you who attend more than one Zoom dinner wind up volunteering to host one.

If you haven’t attended one of our Zoom dinners yet, I encourage you to check out what’s coming up in the next six weeks or so. (And forward this to any of your school or women’s networks!)

We have a ton of professional development-oriented ones for those of you who want to reflect and grow professionally during this time. Kim Scott’s Zoom on management during this crisis was insanely popular and I’m going to convince her to do a part two. In the meantime, career coach Joanna Bloor—who has been one of the smash hit of the last two Chairman Mom Flees—has signed up to do three career tuneups aimed at this crisis: How to stand out and squelch career anxiety, how to make better asks of your network, and something called “Potentialism.” Yes, that’s a word she invented and you’ll want to know what it means. 

There’s also a conversation about ethical entrepreneurial opportunities in this time. I think that’ll be fascinating and important. I’m concerned that so many of the female-founded businesses of the last few years have focused on IRL experiences and spaces and consumerism. I fear that a lot of that spending is simply not going to come back. We can all help one another brainstorm and reinvent during this time. 

What if you are trying to launch or promote something like a new venture or a book right now at  a time when you can’t do events? We’ve got a session with phenomenal founders, publicists, and authors on that. 

And yes, we have a ton of them about the people you are crowded around right now. I’ve got one this week on how the F we are surviving homeschooling, one discussing getting real about relationships right now, and one just for those of you in the middle of divorce, led by Erin Levine of Hello Divorce. 

Worried about the macro? Medicare change maker and infectious disease specialist Adimika Arther is leading one about how this time is spotlighting insufficient health equity. And Catherine has one on what we don’t want to change after this crisis. (Something I’m spending so much of my time talking and thinking about.) 

Last week, Catherine led a dinner on battling health anxiety that turned into a conversation so vulnerable and beautiful and intimate, I couldn’t believe it was happening over Zoom with a group of people who had never met before. These are safe spaces where you can bring your whole selves and talk about anything you are struggling with. 

Of course, we also have a lot planned just to make you happy. (These are the ones Catherine and I are LIVING for right now…) We’ve got another cook-your-favorite-comfort-food together challenge. That was one of my favorites this past month. Crazy sh*t always comes up when you cook with people…and I’m so glad folks have been enjoying my unassuming but devour-able four-ingredient lemon chicken recipe. We’ve got one on managing stress, including a guided meditation. (YES!!! Lock those kids away for 15 minutes!) And because it’s us, we have an ultimate young adult geek out with author Rebecca Hanover. (Read her latest The Pretenders before the call!) 

If you are like me and every single one of these sounds amazing, don’t worry. We only do a few a week. This lineup gets you through June. (Let’s be real: This shut down isn’t going away…) And if you miss one? We have small groups on the site to share what you missed and drop other resources and tips. (You can also sign up for those right from the events page.)

I’ve loved getting to know so many of you from around the country who have never been able to make an IRL Chairman Mom event and are coming together in a new way.

Please join us!

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