Happy late Mother’s Day to all the moms and kitty moms and doggy moms and plant moms and weird bird moms (looking at you, Jessica!) in our network! I hope you all had a great day, and as I wrote on Instagram yesterday, I am sorry for anyone who experiences pain and hurt on Mother’s Day for any reason. Motherhood in America can be so fraught, so polarizing, and something where EVERYONE feels entitled to their opinion about your life and your body. It can be a triggering holiday for a lot of reasons. 

I got a great start to my Mother’s Day on Saturday night by joining Mags Baker’s (aka The Rebel Mom) pre-Mother’s Day party called “Burn Mommy Guilt to the Ground.” There were so many of my favorite Chairman Moms there and several new faces. (I am absolutely loving how many long-time Chairman Mom members I’m meeting for the first time on these Zooms and how many women I’m connecting with from all industries and all across the country! More events every week here!

Mags led us through several meditations/energy sessions to help offload that guilt and revel in what we enjoy, and there was some really powerful sharing about things we’ve all had to squash into the ground to live our best lives. 

It was a small taste of the work Mags does with moms, and good news: She’s offering a new five-week course all about disrupting mom guilt and getting the patriarchy out of your brain! The cost is $997, which is a lot cheaper than the private solo work she does. But guess what? For the next 24 hours, it’s just $555. AND guess what else? Chairman Mom is providing a scholarship for someone in our network to attend FOR FREE! It’s my Mother’s Day gift to one of you! 

That’s not all!! Mags is doing a buy one, give one model for women impacted by COVID in any way. So if that’s you, there are more opportunities to get a free five-week subscription to her course! Go here to check it all out, and here to join the waitlist for the free COVID slots. If you want to nominate yourself for the Chairman Mom scholarship, drop me a quick note telling me why and I’ll forward them along to Mags! 

This is a moment when we need to cut ourselves more slack than ever, so it’s a great time to examine and abolish those nagging voices in your head that are telling you you aren’t “whatever” enough.

Today’s new questions on Chairman Mom:

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