Like so many other parents, I’m binge-watching LEGO Masters with my kids during this pandemic. 

It’s one of those cultural buoys we’ve suddenly found ourselves clinging to. I never would have watched this show before, or had even heard of it. The first 10 times someone told me I should watch it with my kids, I worried that it would create more work for me, because next they would want to try building some of these outrageous things. 

But it’s a creative show. It’s binge-able. All ages can enjoy it. It inspires them to build and create. 

It also contains a lesson for all business owners in this time. 

It may feel callous to some to write about the struggles of entrepreneurs in a time of so much death and sickness, but as this shut down goes into week seven or eight with no end in sight, we are all struggling to find a way this new life can be sustainable. For those of us who run businesses, finding ways to steady the ship for ourselves, our families and our employees may feel like a first-world problem, but it’s also a real problem to deal with. If we don’t, we could only add to the already Great Depression era unemployment numbers. Now more than ever, every job we can save matters. As the greatest driver of job creation in our economy, entrepreneurship matters. 

So back to LEGO Masters

The show frequently uses a favorite trope of the reality contest: The surprise twist! The teams have finished a long, say, 10 hours of building, with varying degrees of stress and success. Come judging time, there are teams that nailed the challenge and those where it just didn’t come together—or it did come together, but their giant LEGO structures collapsed en route to the judging station. 

But then comes the twist! Suddenly the teams have another five hours to add a new element to the challenge. The losing team has a chance to come back. The leading team has everything to lose! Unlike a rising tide, the twist destroys some ships, and dramatically saves others. 

That’s where we as businesses and startups are in the battle for consumers right now, and where we’ll be once people can leave the house and the economy is “reopened.” (Read more in my weekly LinkedIn column…)

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