We have four (!!) virtual Chairman Mom meetups this week that range from a chat with your friendly neighborhood epidemiologist, Adimika Arthur, to a major career boost with the phenomenal Joanna Bloor (free hour of Bloor coaching?! Don’t miss this!), to a fundraiser for cat rescue where we all learn how to make a bespoke cocktail from a celebrity mixologist (mocktail version too!), to the ULTIMATE YA novel geek out/book club with New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Hanover. 

We have a big enough event staff now that I only “have” to go to two of these, but I honestly think I’m going to go to all four because does anything capture the breadth of all the things we need and want right now better???

I am so excited. Please join me. And please (!) pick up a copy of Rebecca Hanover’s The Similars or the sequel The Pretenders in advance because I really, really want people to discuss it with. It’s a nice, quick read and a total escape from our own personal hellscape into a teen hellscape. Even if you don’t read the book, feel free to come to the chat. The last time Rebecca and Catherine Connors did a chat about YA together, I came away with a whole reading list of YA goodness. I can’t wait until my kids are just a little older and we can enjoy some of these together. They’re actually a great way to think about the chaos of the world right now and talk about it with your kids. 

Last week, Rebekah Bastian hosted an amazing meet-up full of other Chairman Mom authors, all about how to promote books in this time of crisis. It was an amazing conversation that spanned everything from paid speaking gigs to the importance of NPR to how you make money off of books (if you are like me and have published three and never seen a royalty check…). 

These dinners are always powerful reminders of the absolute powerhouses in this community and how down-to-earth and willing they are to help each other. 

And here’s a list of the books from those women who attended if you want to support more authors right now! 

  • Radical Candor by Kim Scott, the bible of compassionate management: She has a phenomenal part two about managing through inequality that she’s finishing up now!
  • Day Nine by Amanda Munday: It’s been marketed as a memoir about postpartum depression, but really it’s a book about female strength and resilience. It’s beautiful. 
  • Working Daughter by Liz O’Donnell: Read this book IMMEDIATELY if you are struggling with elderely parents. It was life-changing for me!
  • Feminine Revolution by Catherine Connors: It’s just amazing. Read it. 
  • See You on the Internet by Avery Swartz: Hm…do you need the internet to build your brand? Of course you do. And so you need this book. I need more Avery in my life, so I also need this book. 
  • Blaze Your Own Trail by Rebekah Bastian: Ever wonder if you took the perfect path to your happy ending? This form-breaking read will convince you there is no path.
  • And of course, mine! Yunno, only if you want to overthrow the patriarchy.

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