I am so sorry to anyone who tried to join last night’s Chairman Mom virtual dinner about homeschooling. We decided at the last minute to postpone it as I was watching the news coming out of Washington. As the person who was set to be in charge of the discussion, I didn’t feel right leading a conversation about a mostly privileged group of working women struggling to care for their kids and still work during this time. 

That’s not to say it’s not a challenge and a problem. But I didn’t feel it was close to the biggest problem we were facing. And I know a lot of members in our community have been protesting, doing work in this area for decades, and are, frankly, fearful for their children’s lives. A discussion around summer camps felt tone-deaf and inappropriate. (I’ve rescheduled it for Thursday.)

In fact, me saying anything feels that way now. 

So we want to use this space to share more writing from some of the voices you should be listening to right now. I also want to echo the resources that Breeze Harper and Femily kindly shared:

Additionally, as we’ve mentioned over the past several months, we’d love to continue having more newsletter intros from members of our community, especially Black women and people of color. Please email Lily at lily(at)chairmanmom(dot)com for more information.

We’re also highlighting some threads on allyship and anti-racism below, and to learn more of what you can do to support Black communities, please join our virtual events:

Several important discussions about race, racism, and allyship on Chairman Mom:

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