It’s not hyperbole to say this is our biggest event week of 2020. (So far, I guess? Who can say anything about this year with any certainty?)

We have three virtual events this week, and between them, close to 400 people RSVP’d. That’s more than have attended all of our events this year combined

On Tuesday, Shannon “Badass Cross Stitch” Downey—a favorite activist and artist of the Chairman Mom community—is leading a talk titled “Burning My Life to the Ground: Finding the Courage for a Total Do-Over.” 

Shannon’s story is simply amazing. She started agitating for change as a middle schooler in Catholic school and has never stopped. Her life changed dramatically in the run up to the 2016 election, with her stitching going viral. She used a classically domestic means of expression to upend privilege. Her fans include Beyonce. 

But even living that version of herself wasn’t quite…true. So she made more radical changes that she can tell us allllllll about in this call. For those of you who have been rocked to your core by 2020 and are considering major life changes, this one is FOR YOU. 

And that’s just the opening act. 

On Wednesday, Breeze “@Criticalracefeminist” Harper is leading her first workshop, “AntiRacism Parenting as Practice: Exploring Race, Whiteness, and Privilege Through a Fifth Grade History Assignment.” We scheduled this before the protests began. Since then, we’ve had a swell of hundreds of RSVPs—so much so that we had to upgrade our Zoom account. Breeze spoke at the Chairman Mom Flee last year, and it was a transformative experience for many of us. You DO NOT want to miss this talk. And unlike other Chairman Mom Zooms, this one is a talk. Given the large audience, we’ll be doing Q&A via the chat, but mostly listening to Breeze and learning from the research she’s conducted in this area. 


On Friday, Breeze and Femily are hosting “More than just words: How to take action to become better allies.” This is our second-most RSVP’d event we’ve ever produced. This is for anyone who is wondering if they are doing enough, what they should be doing, what they can even ask, are paralyzed to “get it wrong,” and want to genuinely learn how to become anti-racist allies. My guess is that’s the vast majority of the Chairman Mom community. You will not regret learning from these two. 

One ask on this one: You need to take an hour to watch this video on the basics of allyship and anti-racism before joining so that Femily and Breeze don’t need to start from square one. I think we can all appreciate the emotional labor that people have been putting in on this topic for the past few weeks. 

I know many of us are Zoomed out, and this topic can feel daunting, even scary, to take on. Even if you’ve got a lot going on, I invite you to at least tune into the Zoom audio while you go on a hike, cook dinner, or do what you need to do. These are powerful, one-of-a-kind conversations being led by some of the most inspiring women I’ve gotten to know in three years of building this company. This is a gift they are all giving us.

Today’s new questions on Chairman Mom:

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