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This is why I had two kids

We’ve always taken anonymity and privacy very seriously on Chairman Mom. Our anonymous feature, in particular, was designed to be so strong that even we don’t know who you are when you select it.

The only downside to such strong anonymity is it limits the functionality we can bring you. We can’t—for instance—send you @-notifications or alerts when someone has answered your question because…we don’t know who you are. It also means you can’t edit an anonymous question when it’s posted. Read more...

The aptly named Jeff Flake and the cool girls of the Senate strike again.

I’m so F****** angry about this Kavanaugh situation. Overwhelming polls show that the public doesn’t support him. More than a thousand law professors say he’s unfit. Overwhelmingly more people in this country believe Christine Blasey Ford and not Brett Kavanaugh.

And yet.

Looks like the aptly named Jeff Flake is flaking and the cool girls of the Senate are getting back in party line. Michele Dauber, the force who lead the fight to recall Aaron Perksy, said this at our retreat last week: This investigation was just theatre, the vote would still be the same. Read more...

“You get $100! And you get $100!”

I am not going to bury this insanely great deal: Sallie Krawcheck is giving everyone $100 free to start investing in yourself. Go here to take advantage of it! DO IT RIGHT NOW!

You don’t have to have attended the retreat, you don’t have to be a paying Chairman Mom subscriber, you can just be a Mama Bear newsletter lurker, or a friend of a Mama Bear newsletter lurker. Sallie and I both want as many women as possible to start investing in their future right now.

Because money is power.

Michele Dauber—go here to check out her PAC that helps make violence against women a voting issue—would agree. The more money we have, the more we can give to candidates. And then women’s issues finally become the political issues that matter. Read more...

Bo-she-mian Grove

“When I signed up for this, I had no idea what I was really getting into…”

I must have heard that as a preface to a comment or question at least 30 times during our first-ever all-woman retreat last week, The Chairman Mom Flee.

That 100 women came to a place in the middle of nowhere for four days without having any idea what they were getting into still astounds me, and I think it speaks to two things. The first is how much trust we’ve already built in the young Chairman Mom community. But more to the point, it speaks to how hungry women are for a strong, enduring, powerful sisterhood. Read more...

I’m tired. You probably are, too.

Newsletter editor Lily here.

I had a couple of ideas for what I wanted to write about today while Sarah and a crew of badass women are out at Pulga enjoying the Chairman Mom Flee. But when I sat down to write this morning, I felt pretty flattened.

To put it simply, like many women in this country, and for a variety of reasons, I’m tired. So, so tired. I’m also angry. And sad. It’s one of those days where I’m not sure what to say, because there’s too much to process. And unfortunately, on top of a mountain of work I need to get done because of my lack of productivity this week, it looks like our government isn’t going to let us sit still this weekend, either. Read more...

Changing the pattern…one IPO at at time

I’m deep in the woods with 100 other badasses at the Chairman Mom Flee this week, which means I’m having to follow the Ford and Kavanaugh testimonies through an elaborate game of telephone.  I promise I’ll have plenty to say about both next week. And of course plenty of you are already discussing them on Chairman Mom, including inone of today’s questions.

In the meantime…

I have argued up and down this country, in every book appearance, media appearance and keynote that Silicon Valley does not care about data: It cares about patterns. If we want to change the face of who gets to build companies here, we need to change patterns. And that happens one outsized victory at a time. Read more...

Is this the best week or worst week to be offline?

Is it comparatively quiet around Chairman Mom this week? That’s likely because 100 of us (including most of our staff!) is in a gold mining town, without access to phones or the Internet.

It’s crazy that the #metoo battle with arguably the largest national stakes is playing out LIVE as all of us are sequestered from the Internet, news, and social media.

I can’t decide if that’s a good thing or a bad thing?

The last time I’ve devoured as much minute-to-minute news on a political story, it was the fight to save healthcare. After that I felt so drained from everything 2016 and on that I had to take Twitter off my phone, stop watching cable news, and put myself on a major outrage diet. I still haven’t reactivated Twitter, but this Kavanaugh scandal has kept me obsessively refreshing Feedly for the latest hot take. Read more...

Prove Me Right?

A guest intro from Sallie Krawcheck, CEO of Ellevest…

Take two days, four cars and four flights to come to a tiny California mining town with no men?

Yes please!

When Sarah Lacy invited me to join you at the Chairman Mom Flee, of course I said yes. It’s not because I can’t resist Sarah — although I really can’t most of the time: she says and writes things not even I will. (And that’s saying something.)

And no, it’s not because I have a lot of spare time, while running a startup.

It goes back to one morning. I was putting on my mascara, and somewhere between layers one and two I had this big “aha!” moment. I’d been working in financial services for more than two decades, but something really hit me that day. Read more...

“Mama, where do you keep your motorcycle?”

This is why I rock my kids every night (that I’m in town).

“Somewhere on a desert highway/
She drives a Harley Davidson…”

“Mama, what is that?”

“A Harley Davidson? It’s a big fancy motorcycle. Shhhh, listen to the song, Evie.”

“Her long blond hair flying in the wind/
She’s been running half of her life/
The chrome and steel she rides/
Colliding with the very air she breathes/
The air she breathes…”

“Mama, is this song about a real person?”

“I don’t really know, Eli, but in the next verse you’ll understand why I used to always sing it to you when you were babies…Listen…” Read more...

A whole new kind of FOMO

Newsletter editor Lily here.

In the past week, two different people have asked me the same question: What opportunities do I feel like I missed out on by working almost exclusively with women during my career and not playing that game with dudes—and do I regret it?

A looooong time ago in this newsletter I discussed the fact that over the course of the past six years, all of my bosses—and almost all of my colleagues—have been women. I actually didn’t have a male “boss” until a short-term freelance project I worked last winter. It was literally my first time being in a professional work setting where the team was entirely men. Unsurprisingly, people I got along with best were two later additions to the account, the graphic design and project manager—who were both women. Read more...