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Drop the bikini season BS in just 2 minutes

It’s been a couple of days since our “Say Bye to Bikini Season Bullsh!t” Zoom event, but I am still marinating in all the wisdom that Jessica and Kim shared about our food, our bodies, and our health. 

Every time I open the fridge, I hear their words in my head saying, “I try to reframe my mindset about food. I ask, ‘What’s going to make me feel nourished — not be skinny?’”

What we think about food is important; a negative mindset before eating can put our brain into fight-or-flight mode, which makes digestion difficult.  Read more...

What’s there left to say?

If we wrote about every mass shooting in this space, it’s all we would write about. 

How f*cked up is that? There have been more shootings than days in the year. 

Beyond that, it’s a challenge to write about, because what can you say that we haven’t said before? 

It’s so clearly disgusting that we are a country OK with removing barriers from people who want to murder children and teachers — and not just when it comes to driving trans children to suicide, gunning down Black kids, or putting refugee children in cages at the border. It can also mean murdering white cisgender Texas children too.  Read more...

The course you don’t want to miss

In last week’s Unlocking Aha Office Hours with Lisa Cron, we did an exercise around the misbeliefs people have who we are trying to convince us of something where, led by Lisa, we worked as a group to get to the bottom of those objections, understand them, and come up with strategies to transform those misbeliefs. 

I immediately knew the one I wanted to ask Lisa, but people pay a lot of money for this class, so I let others go first and we ran out of time.

Here was what I wanted to ask Lisa about: Why is our negotiation course such a hard sell?  Read more...

Squeaky clean

Paul and I have spent the past week at a health spa in the desert, where we’ve gone on very low-key hikes early in the morning before the triple-digit heat, done very slow yoga in the afternoons, and cleansed our insides all day. 

Well, cleansed and worked. It was actually an amazing week to focus on deep strategic stuff with the company and clear out the backlog to-do’s, because we had no children, pets, activities, or…meals. I can’t remember a week I’ve been so productive. 

I know cleanses are not for everyone and can be part of toxic diet culture, but I am personally a fan. I am never someone who is going to cut something I love out of my life permanently. But short-term all or nothing breaks from it give me a valuable reset.  Read more...

My fortress of solitude

I am downright giddy that summer is almost here, and with it, I’ll be spending a chunk of time in San Francisco. I’ve visited for a day here or there for a few months mostly dealing with construction, renovations, and Airbnb stuff. Oh yeah, work and investor meetings too. 

Honestly? It’s pretty stressful. 

But I have one night without guests, and I’m alone in my backyard listening to Tina Turner and sipping some wine with a big ol’ blanket wrapped around me, conquering my Asana to-do list, and I feel like Superman when he went to the fortress of solitude.  Read more...

Last chance to join Lisa Cron

OK, so it’s officially last call for SUPERSTAR Lisa Cron’s course on how to make people give a sh*t.

Actually, the course content went live Monday, but it’s only the first week, so technically you haven’t missed much yet. 

This is our first course that has generated way more excitement the second time we’ve offered it. Usually our courses are like a “U” shape: The first time we offer them, our existing community gets super excited and supports them, the second time around we are trying to figure out how to market them outside our community, and the third time we figure it out (or put the course on hiatus).  Read more...

Get what you deserve

Let’s see. 

We got saddled with disproportionately more of the COVID-19 homeschool BS. 

The already-paltry percentage of venture capital we get decreased during the pandemic. 

Our basic rights to our bodies are on the verge of being taken away. 

And for those of us who are moms to transgender kids, our children are under f***ing attack in more than half of states. 

At what point are we like, “Enough”? 

No one is looking out for us. We have to be the heroes we’ve been waiting for.  Read more...

Traditions, traditions

We have had a big few weeks in our family. There was spring break, which included a beach house in San Diego with friends. There was Evie’s birthday party, our first in years, with, like, 50 people. There was the Evie and Mom trip to LA for the Angel City opening game and bonus surf lesson. Then, the past four days, the resumption of our Disneyland birthday tradition. 

For now, we’re in a full post-COVID world, I guess. 

When the kids were young, I promised that every third birthday we’d go to Disneyland. I did not think about the fact that at the time I had no money. That they are 18 months apart so that’s a big (and expensive) commitment every other year! Read more...

Babies and me

Newsletter editor Lily here.

Greetings from sunny (and utterly humid) Florida! I’m visiting my dad for his 60th birthday later this week. This also means I get to spend some time with my extremely cute nephew who just turned one.

As has been well-documented throughout my (almost five!) years of writing missives for CM, I don’t really know how to feel about having kids of my own. It’s odd though, as the feelings of urgency around getting to the bottom of the matter have definitely ratcheted up compared to the first time I ever mentioned this to CM’s community at the tender age of 23. Entering your late twenties will do that to a person. Read more...

Enjoying the bunk beds

Hello from my kids’ bunk beds. 

If you saw the room I slept in last night and the surrounding environs, you’d be understandably concerned about the route my life has taken. I have swapped my usual beautiful surroundings of my manicured mid-century Palm Springs home for what looks like an incredibly messy dorm or the roomshare of a broke 20-something just starting out her career. 

If you were transported into the space I’m in this second, you’d be like, “Uh…you good?”

Not where I thought I’d be in my mid-40s for sure.  Read more...