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Codependency, over-giving, and how to stop

Leanne Matullo is a yoga therapy practitioner, mentor, consultant, and teacher who helps women shift from feeling overworked, over-stressed, and over-burdened to reclaiming lives of deep fulfillment, ease, and clarity. Her method uses practical yoga and Ayurveda based principles that support the body/mind continuum at home, at work, and in all facets of life. Connect with her on her website and join her latest 5-Day Meditation Challenge starting June 14!

I often wonder how so many of us get to this place of over-giving. Over-giving at home, at work, in our relationships.  Read more...

Just me and my subconscious

Chairman Mom has been going increasingly deep with brain science. In the Burnout Opt-Out course, we are learning to “edit” the story our brain gives us, and Lisa Cron’s upcoming “Unlocking Aha” course applies what we know about brain science to get customers, donors, bosses, or even your kids to say YES to you. (You absolutely HAVE TO attend this free event with Lisa next week.)

It’s not that our brain is an a-hole. As Lisa explains, it’s just that it’s wired to keep us alive in a world we evolved out of where we only know 150 people and nothing ever changes.  Read more...

The Walmart of it all

During the worst of the anti-transgender legislation making the rounds before many state legislatures went into recess, I kept wondering where the hell all the companies were. 

When the comparatively benign bathroom bills were making the rounds, companies were pulling operations out of states. But companies were focused on voting rights at the time, leaving trans kids and their allies to largely try to fight these battles themselves. 

So I was intrigued to see this in the New York Times this week about Arkansas.  Read more...

The easiest and hardest thing anyone will ever tell you about writing

Writing is like breathing. It’s one of the first things you learn and something you never stop learning. Something that is so simple but also so empowering. Something “anyone” can do, but something that also deserves its own practice. Something accessible and intimidating at the same time. 

That dichotomy is really the heart of Catherine Connors’ amazing course “Ready Set Write,” which can feel like it focuses too much on tying your shoes, but before you know it, you are running a 5K. It’s an almost hypnotic course of so thoroughly setting out and gaining confidence in the basics, because Catherine knows that the easy stuff is actually what you need help with. The hard stuff — YOUR VOICE — is already in there. We just need to unlock all the gates and remove the furniture barring the door.  Read more...

I’ve decided to do something radical

Eli and Evie and I are starting a side project just in time for Pride month and Chairman Mom’s upcoming Pride June Challenge. (More details coming including daily prompts and challenges to go deeper with your advocacy all month long!) 

It’s a gender-inclusive, queer-friendly clothing line for badass parents and kids called “eels.” It’s a chic, wearable, sleepable, loungeable but also going-out-to-dinner-able, resort-influenced “mommy & me” without the binary or the lace collars.  Read more...

It’s a big ol’ week of free group therapy

May is all about self-care at Chairman Mom. What better Mother’s Day gift to you whether you are a mom or not? 

If you missed out on our Burnout Opt Out course, don’t feel the FOMO! We have a bunch of awesome FREE, hour-long, self-care, wellness events coming up in the next week. You can essentially make your own version of the course with just a week-long commitment and a price tag of nothing! Ta da!

Today, Adimika and I are leading a conversation about divorcing toxic or unsupportive family members. Both of us have had to make hard decisions around this in the last year. If you read this newsletter regularly, you know why I had to divorce my parents — something I never thought I would do.  Read more...

Money, money, money, money

Money, money, money, money. 

I am in a month all about money.

Not only are we passing the halfway point of our amazing financial literacy course “Boss Up Your Financial Game,” but I’ve been working hard to take its lessons and practices to heart. I’ve been making a bunch of financial decisions and shifts and moves in the last month. 

Some intentional: Ripping off the Band-Aid and dealing with the state of my retirement funds and what I’m going to do about it. Paying off (!!) credit cards. Trying to get to 20% of my income going to debt/savings. Paul and I are having conversations about what we want for our future. Which is actually dreamy and fun, not stressful. Because we’ve got a few more decades to work towards those goals.  Read more...

What story does your brain keep telling you?

What story does your brain keep telling you?

Is it that it’s you versus the world, and you can’t count on anyone? 

Is it that you’ll never be able to hit your fitness goals, and hence you are unworthy in some way?

Is it that you are a “bad mom” because you work weekends?

Is it that you aren’t _____ enough? 

I bet it’s something hurtful. I bet it’s something that distracts you from being your best self, maybe even believing in your best self. I bet it’s also not true. 

This is the biggest take away I’ve learned from Nataly Kogan in the last month that we’ve been working on our newest course “The Burn Out, Opt Out.” (Starting today!) Your brain is wired for one thing: Keeping you alive. That’s it. And so it magnifies signs of danger. You aren’t being negative to dwell on the one jerky thing someone said in a meeting; your brain is trying to keep you alive.  Read more...

Opting into self-care

Today’s intro is from Megan Harding, Chairman Mom’s Head of Courses & Events.

It’s been a week. In my first week working full-time for Chairman Mom, my one-year-old has kept me up for hours overnight on multiple nights. I’ve been overwhelmed that I can’t “do it all,” be a good mom and a good worker, and afraid that if I keep running on two to four hours of sleep, I could be headed toward burn out. 

Some of my fellow Millennials are up and quitting their jobs in the face of burnout, leaving their stable work in pursuit of side hustles, travel, and positions with the flexibility they were afforded over the past year (all in the name of YOLO!). For those of us who can’t just leave our jobs (or babies), or who, frankly, don’t want to, there are other ways, within our control, to defeat burnout. But it requires a massive reframing of how we treat ourselves, the way we view self-care, and getting serious about setting boundaries and saying no.  Read more...

No, multitasking isn’t a superpower

I should have known. Every time men tell women they’re inherently better at something, it’s always a con, isn’t it?

You are just better at cooking! Remember when I washed the strawberries with soap?

It was earlier today while I was writing this post, eating lunch, uploading a video for our course on financial literacy, texting an investor, and recording session three of our upcoming course “The Burn Out, Opt Out” with Nataly Kogan that I heard Nataly say: “…Let’s talk about some of the most common things that unnecessarily drain our energy. The first one is my favorite: Multitasking. There is this myth that’s been going around that women are amazing at multitasking. That is a bunch of BS, ok?” Read more...